Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jordyn Wieber - Olympic Gymnast

The small-town Michigan native showed an affinity for gymnastics early on. Like, reaching level 10 by age 10, the highest level in the junior Olympic program. Her advancement went at such a breakneck pace that her parents worried she would be sucked into the dark world of elite gymnastics. However, Jordyn’s own determination ruled out in the end, and her supportive family provided a wholesome balance.

As with most Christians, a healthy family is not something seen as separate from the faith life. According to faith, the magazine of her home diocese, Jordyn has said, “My parents have always made going to church as a family important. Sometimes we have to split up due to our schedules, but most of the time we are able to get to Mass together. It’s a very special family time and it means a lot to me.”

The church isn’t just a place for family time; it is family. Her home parish of St. Jude’s raised an astounding $11,000 in order to help Jordyn’s parents and siblings watch her compete in London. (Catholic Sun)

In London, you probably know Jordyn as the favorite who suffered disappointment in the All-Around, only to come back and contribute to the Fierce Five’s team title. It later came to light that she had been performing throughout the Olympics with a stress fracture. Though she claims that adrenaline kept her from feeling too much pain, it did limit her ability to practice.

"We want her to feel that she had the time of her life -- that she's had her shot, that she's fulfilled and doesn't have any regrets," Rita (her mother) said. "And I hope to God that she doesn't have to get first to feel fulfilled." (Detroit Free Press)

Does Jordyn have to have more than one gold to feel fulfilled? Are gymnastics the meaning of her life? “I like to look at my gymnastics ability as a great gift from God,” she says. “Without God in my life, I feel like there would be no meaning.” (faith)

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